Quality Assurance

Golden Chain members care about your comfort and are committed to quality assurance. Every Golden Chain property is assessed by Qualmark®, New Zealand’s official tourism industry quality assurance agency, and allocated a grade. The minimum requirement for membership of the Golden Chain group is Qualmark® 3 Stars.

Your Qualmark® guide to quality. To cater for your preference or budget our Blue category properties have a 3 - 3+ grade and Gold properties a 4 - 4+ grade. 

Acceptable.  Meets customers’ minimum requirements. Basic, clean, and comfortable accommodation 

Good.  Exceeds customers’ minimum requirements with some additional facilities and services

 Very good. Provides a good range of facilities and services and achieves good to very good quality standards.
 Excellent. Consistently achieves high quality levels with a wide range of facilities and services.
 Exceptional. Among the best available in New Zealand.
PLUS + Plus. Those offering a better range and quality of facilities and services within their grading are recognised with a "Plus".
All tourism businesses that display the Qualmark® have undergone a rigorous on-site assessment identifying them as professional and trustworthy, so you can book with confidence.


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